How is equipped raft.

Float consists of supporting float, the basic design, the lower platform, building accommodation facilities, hygiene facilities and terraces for sunbathing.
To have a pontoon and hand refrigerators for cooling drinks and mini-TV and radio.
Total usable area is 24 m (4 x 6 m) + 12 m2 terrace on the top = 36 m2. Weight object is about 2,500 kg.
The facility is nepotopiv and can not be over because of their technical characteristics. Until now built facilities are required navigation permits by the competent navigation inspection, which provides use.

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Sanitary facilities: It is on the right side of pontoon below bedrooms. Internal dimensions are 270 x 90 x 220 cm. At the entrance are set sliding doors. In the middle of the neon lights of 6 W.
In the bottom of room set is a classic toilet and sink with vodokotlić and chest. Fekalije the outflows in the reservoir which is below the basic platform (zpr. 120 L). Empty tank is carried out through the hole with the foreign direct water in the lake. The tank is sepia environmental dvokomponentna liquid for razgrađivanje organic matter that does not damage nature. Is a pleasant smell and fekalije into ocher-colored liquid. By emptying the tank included a new amount of concentrate. Discharge is needed every other day.
Tap, as well as vodokotlić, a technical inflow of water from the lake natural fall from the tank to the upper terrace (100 L). In the middle of the bathroom is a kennel. At the entrance, the left wall is located polyethylene shelf with the support plinskog camp burner for cooking coffee or tea. One small bottle of gas is not a danger of explosion or poisoning. Room has a side opening for ventilation.
Presostatska station is set diagonally from fekalnog Reservoir and provides permanent pressure in the network.

Accommodation building: The walls of rooms for sleeping are made of PVC plastic elements CENTURY with insulating material. Internal dimensions of space is 280 x 290 x 230 cm. Vertical walls and the ceiling for "sandwich system" provides a good thermal insulation. In the room are three beds set the standard dimensions of 90 x 200 cm. Two are set in normal height of 44 cm and the third (additional) extractive left under beds. Under the right set of beds is sliding drawers of 190 x 900 cm, 25 cm depth, in which visitors to postpone the personal things.
Doors (100 x 200 cm) are sliding from outside and have a large glass area which provides illumination room. Outside the set is dark "venecijaner" curtains. All openings are provided Komarnica. Left and right to the door area of 80 x 70 cm where the police for the postponement of things and clothes.

On the opposite side of the entrance door was a window of PVC material 40 x 60 cm, which is used for ventilation and illumination. The walls of rooms are polyethylene, which provides easy personal hygiene, since that can not mess or damage. Color is light (white, cream, green St.). In the middle of the ceiling set neon lights 8 W. The floor is covered with plastic covers.
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