Climatic conditions are favorable to the lake during the spring, summer and autumn, for sport fishing, and for a family vacation in the natural environment fruškogorskog environment.

Distance cities:
Sremska Mitrovica 15 km, Ruma 3 km, 50 km Novi Sad, Belgrade 70 km.
Summer in the lake water temperature 28 C.

The percentage of dissolved oxygen in the water during the summer months is 8 mg/m3.

The lake can successfully hunt big examples of carp, perch and Soma and babuške and white fish is in abundance. In the past 5 years poribljeno with 25 000 head carp fry.
Unfortunately we have skranuti attention to sports fishermen in the lake prenamnožio American catfish (terpan, Abisinac or Reagan as it is called the local population). Every year we sanacioni izlov these pests, but it still has significant quantities.

Sport fishing from the boat is allowed only in the immediate vicinity of the building.
At the device is installed gas for cooking coffee and tea, and thermal preparation of food can be made on the coast, in places of pre-prepared for it. Available is the use of barbecues, as well as kotlica to prepare soup.
Drinking water, you must provide your own. There is the possibility of purchasing the bottle in a nearby city, or use the beach. Technical water is the security of the facility.

There is a possibility to be, and delivery of food from nearby restaurants and pizzerias. Phone numbers of restaurants are highlighted in the object.
The use of the building will present an authorized person.

This lake is selected primarily because of infrastructure resolved. Approach road is paved lake, was built for boats, has a nice beach in order to catering facility and is the most exceptionally clean water in the lake and rich fish fund.
This lake the size of 42 ha and volumes of about 1 600 000 m3 of water is suitable for the accommodation of the most
6 of these facilities. Since the 3 already built, allocation of funds under this competition,
We offer complete tourist destination on this.

Solarium: donut performance flat surface provided us one more useful space. Area of the terrace is 270 x 400 cm. It can be reached via stairs to the chair. The floor is of the same elements as well as the basis, but elements welded to the water waterproof. Floor coverings prevent skidding and light entering the sleeping area. On the edge of the terrace are the fence height 90 cm to prevent the fall. Space is ideal for mothers with small children. Two plastic deck chairs and coffee table with an umbrella and bazenčić for children, provides a lot of enjoyment in the environment of nature.
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