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The basic construction: plovke attached to the inner side of the metal washers 4 mm thick and 3 zavrtnja M12 per clip. This clip is from the top duck and internal Boka under the angle of 60 degrees, which provides ukrućenje basic platform. These hooks are set on each meter pipes. Child-bearing structures is demontažna center, which provides easy transport truck. Pričvršćuje buckles on the "U" profile wall thickness 5 mm, which is vare connectors for the construction of the above. In this profile, in all four corners of the final zavarene bollard for anchoring and hooks to connect pontoon as needed.

Plovci: are made of polipropilena wall thickness 8 mm cartridge with the stiropora which provide rigidity and nepotopivost.Na building a float 5 different dimensions to ensure proper position building in the planned loads. Float diameter is 63 cm and 600 cm length. Net capacity due meter by 140 kg, which in our project provides a capacity of 2,800 kg with duck dipping below half in diameter. The influence of ice to float there is the fact that the pressure izdize above the ice surface. It is impossible to mechanical damage except zrnom rifle. Breakthrough polyethylene pipes amortize Stiropor that can accommodate a maximum of 1.4% in the water a longer period of time.
Reliability is atestiran, which is technical documentation.

Electrical installation. Considering that the vlažnoj the middle of the water, twelve Volt current system provides full security for customers. Accumulator volume 140 Ah / 12 V provides several lighting space and work stations for water. Solar records set on the upper terrace, full battery power of 30 A. At the same time provides continuous activity batteries. Fitter stops charging when the battery is full. Neon lights from 8 W provides enough light for the night.
At the connector for charging a mobile phone.
Described by space and comfort that provides klijenteli, the object is not a premium service como but people want friendship with nature and this is quite enough. Home statement to the comfort of the building between the railway compartment and hotel rooms is correct. Ecological is completely harmless and very safe. As the total newspapers in a bid Vojvodina with a good catch fish rely on a large occupancy capacity. Objects provide the possibility of additional building
Platform: Complete useful platform is created from elements polietilenskih 8 x 29 cm wall thickness, 5 mm. These elements have the support of 4 points, which provides exceptional stability. The front part of the platform terrace smoke 400 x 330 cm place where the largest part of life in splavu. On the floor is set floor coverings of plastic fabric that prevents skating mokrih feet. Water is easily CEDI through water and patosnicu so that there is no possibility for the occurrence of neprijatnih smell. With this platform will be made sport fishing in three directions. On the platform are 4 chairs and a table for obedovanje of aluminum.
Set and mobile tenda that natkriva terrace and protect from sun and rain. Platform has low side delimiter to be freely worked sport fishing. In front of the platform are provided for supporters clubs. On the extension of the upper platform installed the lighting
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