Active vacation with SPORTS FISHING!

Aqua camp is situated on the lake Borkovac in Ruma.

It consists of 4 from 3 beds.
Usable area is 36 m2.
Each pontoon object has a bedroom, a wet knot, tea kitchen and two large terraces for sunbathing and sport fishing. On the terrace (3 x 4 m) is set to 9 holders for the rods for sport fishing. Each object has its boat in the electric drive, which comes from coast to the building. Hulk can not sink or capsize. Lights, a charger for mobile phone and work stations to 12 V. Complete equipment and electric starter boat using solar cells for power. Objects are placed on the best places for sport fishing on the lake that has a rich fund of fish (catfish, perch, carp, white fish). Approach to the lake is paved, a beach cafe and pebbly entrance into the water. Nature is life and the Lake water extremely pure and suitable for swimming.

Only a few kilometers from Ruma.

Spend a nice holiday with your family or friends in the sport fishing camp on the water!

The cost of renting included the license for sport fishing..
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Float consists of supporting float, the basic design, the lower platform, building accommodation facilities, hygiene facilities and terraces for sunbathing. Total usable area is 24 m (4 x 6 m) + 12 m2 terrace on the top = 36 m2. Weight object is about 2,500 kg. The facility is nepotopiv and can not be over because of their technical characteristics. Until now built facilities are required navigation permits by the competent navigation inspection, which provides use.